17 mars 2016

Suggestions lecture sur les poissons

En preparation pour la semaine du Pecheur.
Voici quelques suggestions lecture:

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark is an underwater version of The Three Little Pigs. It has all the components of the traditional tale that kids love with a little twist. My girls never miss a chance to chime in and say, “Not by the skin of my finny fin fin!”

This is Not My Hat is the followup tale to I Want My Hat Back. Except this story is narrated by the thief, a small fish who took a hat from a big fish.  My kids love the humor woven into this tale.

McElligot’s Pool is a classic Dr. Seuss book. As Marco is fishing in McElligot’s tiny pool, he’s daydreaming of all the fantastic things that might be caught. It’s a wonderful story of patience and optimism.

Ten Little Fish is an underwater counting book that invites kids to countdown from ten to one. In addition to counting, the rhyming text provides many opportunities to discuss rhyming words.

Memoirs of a Goldfish is a tale about a goldfish who is very happy with his solitary life. Soon his fishbowl becomes home to a whole series of new intruders, and he’s not thrilled about it…at first.

Swim! Swim! is a book my girls choose from our bookshelf at least once a week. In the story Lerch is looking for a friend, and along the way he’s quite sad as he gets no response from the nonliving things in the aquarium he shares. His responses are  It is  fantastic for practicing and modeling voice.

Trout, Trout, Trout A Fish Chant -Join along  as the author and illustrator share a rhythmic chant about the many unique kinds of freshwater fish found in the United States and Canada. Kids won’t believe fish like these really exist until they get to the end and read a brief description about each of the fish in the book.

Swimmy in this popular story by Leo Lionni small fish work together to overcome their fears.

In Fish Eyes the narrator wishes to become a fish and then shares what he’d see in this counting picture book.

Sad and lonely Big Al has no friends because of his appearance. One day he hsaves all the little fish by ripping a hole in a fisherman’s net where they had been trapped. With one look at Big Al the fisherman through him back in the sea and soon Big Al had many friends who all learned an important lesson.

The Rainbow Fish is another popular children’s book read in classrooms all over. It’s a story of sharing and friendship.

In You Be You Adri notices that all fish are different while swimming through the sea . Along the way kids will learn some about opposites and the important observation that we are all unique.

In A Fish Out of Water a little boy gets a tiny fish for a pet, but he’s warned to only feed it a tiny dot of food or something may happen. But Otto seemed unhappy so the boy gave him all the food in the box, and Otto grew and grew and grew. He grew so much that the boy didn’t know what to do with him, so he has to call Mr. Carp to come help.

In Sophie’s Fish Jake is very worried about watching Sophie’s pet fish for the weekend. He agonizes over not knowing what to do or how to take care of the fish. When Sophie arrives he’s feeling better about taking care of the fish until he finally meets Yo-Yo.

In Fish Had a Wish Fish shares about all the animals he would like to be and why, but in the end fish is happy to be a fish.

Paul Meets Bernadette-Before meeting Bernadette Paul swam circles around and around in his fish bowl. But Bernadette shows him that there’s a whole world outside the fish bowl. Kids will love the fish’s interpretation of the “city” outside their home.

In Pattern Fish kids have the opportunity to view many different patterns on each page. Through the text they can also participate in verbal patterns (chomp-chomp-munch-munch).

I am a Fish: The life of a Clown Fish is narrated by a clown fish. This nonfiction text tells some of the basic facts about clown fish and its home the anemone.

What’s it Like to  be a Fish? tells about where fish live. It also provides examples about the human body and how it is designed for life on land and how fish are adapted for life underwater.

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