03 janvier 2016

App scientifique pour vos tout-petits

En preparation pour la semaine scientifique.
Je vous propose aujourd'hui des apps pour vos enfants.

Sid the Science Kid: a book app full of science ideas.  Kids will learn from Sid what germs are, why we can’t see them, and why washing hands is so important. They will also learn why Sid can smell his brother’s dirty diaper (and other not so gross things) from so far away.

Bobo Explores Light: a very innovative app for kids to explore the features of various lights: lasers, reflection, refraction, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, aurora borealis and the human eye. On each topic, kids follow the little robot, Bobo, and learn everything about light via hands-on activities.

Curiosity School: it has step by step instructions on several easy to do science experiments. It is a lot easier to understand how to perform an experiment with video instructions. The suggested discussion points are helpful in learning the science behind the experiments.

Piiig Lab: a digital playground for young children to explore science concepts in old fashioned ways. There are 8 science experiments in the app and more to come.  Each experiment has a detailed instruction on how to do it, and explanation on what happened in the experiment.

Max and Ruby science educational games: a fun game app designed specially for preschool age kids. Kids will play two games, learn the property of liquid and solid objects.

Bill Nye the Science Guy (Free): a wonderful free app for kids. Kids will explore different science concepts by playing games and watching videos. There is a section, where kids can perform experiments following the instructions provided.

Human Body: Although it is not designed for kids, but the app’s simple interface, unique point of view of human body will attract preschoolers’ attention for a long time.

Sid’s Science Fair: a science app from PBS Kids, specially designed for preschool age kids. Kids will learn science concepts like classifications by certain attributes (Color, size), patterns, data presentations, sequencing, via playing games.

Sound Uncovered (Free): although not designed for preschool age, it has many good experiment ideas helping kids understand the science of sound, all via hands on activities. It does require reading, so parents have to explore the app together with the kids and explain the science to kids, although doing those activities are easy and kids can totally do it themselves.

Sky View (Free): a free star gazing app. If you point the device at the sky, the stars you are supposed to see in the sky will show up on your screen. Young kids will be intrigued looking at the stars on the screen, matching them in the real sky. It is also fun to see the images of animals or persons connecting the stars, imagining the stories of those figures.

KidScience (Free): has step by step instructions on over 20 science experiments that you can do at home. You can search by materials you have at home, by kids age, theme of the experiment, and duration of the experiment. It is a very handy app to have for those unexpected rainy days.

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