21 juillet 2016

Des activites pour les longues routes

Une chose que je suis fiere, c'est que mes enfants sont capables de faire de la longue route.
Du 12 heures de char, on est capable d'en prendre.
L'autre chose qui me rends full proud, c'est qu'ils le font sans technologie.
Yes, my friends.. des livres pis des tounes en familles ca fais la job!

Je suis tombe sur cet article et je trouve les idees tellement le fun!

Let’s start with the things I gathered up for my 18-month old:
– Books.  Thick, sturdy board books.  Ones he could look at by himself.
– Chunky cars.  Ones that were thick enough he could hang on to them pretty well and pick them up if he dropped them in his chair.
– Busy Wallet.  My little guy loves to pull my cards out of my wallet.  But I can’t afford to hope that I find all of them again and that I get them all back after his play sessions.  So, I took one of my old wallets and some old cards I no longer need and stuffed those in there.  I wanted more cards so I took some scrap pieces of paper and laminated them and added them to the wallet too.  Little J was in HEAVEN!  And it was a stress-free activity for us both.
–  Bubbles.  These were great for rest stops.  It gave the kids something to do while they waited and stretched their legs that didn’t involve wandering around rest areas, public bathrooms and exploring all the “puddles” they came across.
– Glow in the Dark Stars.  This was fun.  Before the boys got into the car I took the hook side of sticky-back Velcro and stuck it to the back of the stars.  Then I stuck those right on the ceiling of the car.  The boys didn’t notice them, but they started their charge cycle and, by the time the sun went down, they were really bright and the boys thought it was too cool.  The best part: they couldn’t reach them and knock them all over the floor!  Big J told me it was like he had his own sky right inside the car.  It was a fun surprise and they loved it.
– There’s really only so much you can do after dark… I didn’t want my kids watching hours and hours of TV (they did anyway), so glow sticks were a cool, brief distraction.  It would have been more entertaining if they’d had something to do with them.  Hide and Seek the Glow Stick, perhaps?  Take turns hiding it until just a little hint sticks out  and see who can find it.
– Magnets on cookie sheets.  Both my boys love to play with magnets and this is the best way I’ve found to make it portable.  The side of the baking tray help keep everything contained and it’s easy to store, pick up and put away for little hands.
– This was a big hit with both of my little dudes.  Play dough balloons.  When I was little we had some of these filled with flour. They were totally rad.  Until they popped and POOF!  Didn’t help that it was on the way to a church-function either.  So, I didn’t want a floury mess in my mom’s car to clean up.  I filled the balloons with play dough and the POOF problem disappeared.  However, filling the balloons with play dough was tedious and time-consuming.  It took me 45 minutes or more to fill TWO balloons.  So, come up with a better method, that’s all I gotta say.  And, we did have one pop on our trip.  I only cried a little, but the good news, because it was play dough it stayed all squished together and didn’t make a mess at all.  I put it in one of the extra “Everything Bag” baggies and it was good until we got home and got it in a more permanent home.
– Little J was so excited about this one.  The Pom Pom Stuffer.  Basically, I took an old travel-size wipe container and drilled six 1/2″ holes in the back side with my spade bits.  Then I melted the sharp, plastic edges of the case with my woodburning tool so my boys wouldn’t get scratches.  Do the melting outside… it stinks and probably isn’t good for you to be breathing all that melty plastic crap anyway.  Then I got a bag of pom poms from the Dollar Tree and Little J went to town.  He loved stuffing them in the holes and then emptying the case and doing it all over again.
– Window markers are amazing!  We didn’t use these in the car because my kids couldn’t reach the windows of the sliding doors in the minivan we borrowed.  But, we did use them on the sliding glass door at our friend’s house.  My kids love window markers and for $5, they have totally paid for themselves in peace and quiet.
– At the suggestion of several of my Facebook fans, I wrapped some fun toys, books, and other activities (one of which was a paint by water set!  Both my boys though that was SO COOL!  I got them at the Dollar Tree).  When Big J was really starting to struggle we’d tell him that if he could be a good boy and not whine or cry for two minutes, he could open a surprise.  Then I’d set the stop watch on my cell phone or tablet and he’d watch it count down.  It was usually two minutes of much-needed peace.  Little J got a present when his brother did, because he let us know in no uncertain terms just how unfair it was for him to not get a present too…
– And last, but not least, Sparkle Bottles.  When I found these they were called “calm down bottles” and “time out bottles”.  But that wasn’t my goal with them at all.  I didn’t need or want them to be a timer or a distraction, I just wanted them to be pretty and entertaining and keep my kids quiet in the car.  And they did.  You can see the full tutorial on the Sparkle Bottles right HERE.
Do you have any other amazing tricks for keeping your toddlers entertained in the car?

Les windows marker... ben voyons! Quel bonne idee! Meme pour les plus grands (genre moi..)
Et les glow in the dark qu'on colle au plafond de la voiture... c'est pas mal winner ca aussi!

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