19 mai 2016

Des chaines Youtube qui font bouger!

1. Debbie Doo: Great movement routines to simple songs, perfect for younger kids.

2. Cosmic Kids Yoga: A big collection of yoga routines presented as adventures for kids. Check out the short 2 minute videos for brain breaks or the longer stories if you have more time.

3. PBS SteveSongs and Exercise Like A: The Steve Songs videos feature a popular PBS performer and the Exercise Like A clips are short, animated routines that get kids moving.

4. The Learning Station: A huge range of fun action songs kids will love.

5. Have Fun Teaching: As an adult, the Fitness Songs are on the repetitive side but my girls love them! Better for younger grades.

6. Dance Sweat Live: The Mini Workouts feature simple dance routines to popular songs. Great for older kids too.

7. Move to Learn: Simple, fun workouts for children across a range of ages.

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