13 mars 2016

Des livres pleins de belles images!

Best Child Picture Books:

Most of these will be in no particular order, but I’ve got to start with my all time favorite. LOVE this book. Great pictures, great message. The Very Cranky Bear!
Also by the same author and also wonderful-The Very Itchy Bear:
These other bear books (by Karma Wilson) are my other absolute favorites. There are a bunch-Bear Feels Sick, Bear Snores On, Bears New Friend, Bear Wants More, Bear Stays Up for Christmas, Bear Says Thanks, Bear Feels Sick and they are ALL fantastic!
 You probably already know and love these? Click, Clack, Moo and Giggle Giggle Quack and Duck for President-all by Doreen Cronin. Such a great set of books!
This one is FUNNY! Millie Waits for the Mail:
Another great bunch of books are these duck books-Duck Soup, Duck at the Door, Duck and Cover and Sitting Duck:
Do you know Gerald and Piggie? There are a BUNCH of books about this cute combo. They are easy readers too, so your early reader may be able to actually read these. And they are  FUNNY!
This one just feels like the story of my life (and it’s funny!). Too Many Toys:
These ones will make you giggle too! Three books-Parts, More Parts and Even More Parts-and they are all great!
The Pout Pout Fish is so fantastic! Amazing message and cute and funny. And there’s a handful of other ones about Mr. Pout Pout too!
~POUT-POUT 10x10 jkt-P1.tif
This one is another that ranks right up at the top. LOVE IT! Silly Tilly:
Another cute one (and you can do voices in this one) is The Perfect Nest:
Another great one by Mo Willems-Leonardo the Terrible Monster:
These are a recent discovery for me-Secret Agent Splat and there’s a bunch of other Splat books. They are cute and the illustrations are amazing!
This is just a sweet book with cute pictures and you can make fun sound effects. The Napping House:
This one has me enthralled by the pictures and the story is cute too-The Little White Owl:
A very fun twist on the monster under the bed-I Need My Monster:
Do you know the Dinosaur Books? How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight and a bunch of others. They are perfect for teaching behavior PLUS they are cute!
I am so glad my boys will let me read them these Olivia Books because I love them! There’s a bunch of these ones too!
OK, now tell me some of your favorites!

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