05 mars 2016

A faire avec nos enfants

L'article disait 50 facons de connecter avec nos garcons..
Je trouve va tellement con.. on peut faire la meme affaire avec nos filles. (full frus..)

Alors, voila ;)
  1. Play a board game.
  2. Go on a neighbourhood walk and make a field journal of plants.
  3. Make some slime monsters.
  4. Jump rope.
  5. Find a bug to examine in a glass jar with a magnifying glass.
  6. Visit a new playground.
  7. Make stove-top popcorn and eat it while reading favourite storybooks.
  8. Create a Discovery Bottle with pebbles.
  9. Do some arm wrestling.
  10. Jump on a trampoline.
  11. Create some little friends (or pets) using natural or recycled materials.
  12. Take silly photographs of each other.
  13. Build a fort outside with chairs, ropes, cushions and/or sheets.
  14. Download some new audio stories.
  15. Write a song together.
  16. Make hot chocolate or go out to a cafe for some.
  17. Make some tissue paper stained glass window decorations.
  18. Explore a nearby river.
  19. Play tic-tac-toe using chalk on the pavement.
  20. Have a sensory nature scavenger hunt.
  21. Go play mini golf (or set up a backyard version of the game).
  22. Find a YouTube tutorial to make some origami.
  23. Make some symmetrical sticker pictures.
  24. Play cards (“Snap” and “Go Fish” are fun).
  25. Turn on the radio and have a dance party.
  26. Write a letter to a relative.
  27. Make a Water Bottle Fountain.
  28. Go to the cinema to see a new movie.
  29. Make a “Get Well Soon” card for a friend who is sick.
  30. Have a running race.
  31. Do a still life painting.
  32. Grow some crystals.
  33. Throw a frisbee.
  34. Write a story and illustrate it.
  35. Create some eggshell art.
  36. Find a maze or crossword book to do together.
  37. Print out an insect playdough mat to play with.
  38. Cook an extra serving of dinner (soup is easy!) and deliver it to a friend in need.
  39. Make a geoboard.
  40. Wash the car (and have a water fight).
  41. Put together an obstacle course.
  42. Go to the pool.
  43. Play “Hang Man” on the white board.
  44. Make some wool twisties.
  45. Collect rocks for a rock collection.
  46. Make some mug cake.
  47. Look through baby photos.
  48. Do word searches (or use I Spy books, for non-readers).
  49. Make a paper pinwheel.
  50. Have a picnic and look for pictures in the clouds.

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