16 novembre 2015

Yoga de Zoo!

Zoo Yoga Poses

Downward Dog Pose – Get this pose in motion by walking like a bear on all fours if you’d like!
Tree Pose – This pose requires working on single leg balance skills like a flamingo.
Lion’s Breath – Encourage a BIG roar with this pose!
Cow pose – A great pose to use on it’s own and with a cat pose.
Chair pose – shift your weight side to side like a monkey and make monkey sounds.
Walk with your knees together.  A great way to make this work is to stick a ball between your legs and walk like a penguin.
Make an elephant trunk and swing side to side.
Get on your hands and knees and reach for the sky alternating arms making them as long as you can like a giraffes neck.
Cobra Pose – Be sure to hiss like a snake!
Plank or Modified Plank Pose – Getting low to the ground like a crocodile!
Polar Bear
Walk on hands and feet with knees off the ground like a bear!
Sea Lion
Upward Facing Dog – Adding the seal noises is a fun bonus in this pose!

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