22 février 2015

Livre: Not your typical dragon


Bonjour Veronic, and all the children in your daycare,

My name is Dan Bar-el. I am a writer, which means I write the words in picture book stories. I don’t draw the pictures. That is the job of the illustrator. I’ve been told that you are about to read one of my books, Not Your Typical Dragon. It is a funny story so I hope it makes you laugh. After you read the book, here are a few questions that you might want to discuss together:

-          Were you able to guess what would come out of Crispin’s mouth each time instead of fire?
-          Why do you think whip cream came out at his birthday party and band aids came out at the doctor and marshmallows came out when the little dragons were practicing how to start a camp fire?
-          Was it a bad thing that Crispin couldn’t breathe fire or was it a good thing? Why?
-          The little dragon’s name is Crispin Blaze. What does the word “crisp” mean?
-          His sister’s name is Ashley. It has the word “ash” in it. What does “ash” mean?
-          If you were a dragon like Crispin, what would you like to come out of your  mouth? Could you draw a picture of it? I’d love to see your pictures if you do.

Best wishes,

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